Taiwanese authorities have blocked a consignment of Chilean blueberries entering the country due to high pesticide residue levels, the second such incident of 2017.

Each of us would like to eat the highest quality products, it is normal, in the end we are what we eat. Fruit blueberries are very good fit in this healthy, high-quality diet, but blueberry blueberry is not equal and you have to meet several conditions, to the final product that is the fruit of blueberries meet the most demanding requirements. One of these conditions is adequate pollination of flowers during flowering.

Growing Blueberries in Poland is still good and growing business. No wonder that from year to year the area planted and growing fruit production.

Poland is among the European and world leaders in the production of blueberries. Today the cultivation area of ​​this species is more than 7000 ha. That is why our country is Blueberry Conference. 2-3 March 2017, will take place already fifth edition of the most important industry event for Blueberries.

Winter blueberry plantation

Beginning of January 2017 in Poland is a dangerous attack of winter.

Harvest of blueberries in Poland begins when blueberry campaign ends in Spain. In June you can buy fruits but the quantity is low

Polish blueberry plantation

This year's blueberry season in Poland has been very unusual.

Poland blueberry area

Poland blueberry area doubled in five years